VG Interview

https://www.vg.no/nyheter/meninger/i/JQnQvJ/estetisk-kirurgi-er-helsehjelp Aesthetic surgery is health care In the media, we have seen several articles about aesthetic surgerythis autumn, including from Minister of Health Kjerkol. Some of the statements are discriminatory. Published: December 12, 2022 This is an op-ed.AMIN KALAAJI, senior consultant dr. with Oslo Plastic Surgery First, let’s distinguish between cosmetic treatments and aesthetic/cosmetic surgery, […]

IMCAS World Congress 2023 26 January – 28 January 2023, Paris Palais des Congrès

Paris Calling, and Messi Too! Last Thursday and the weekend were Paris turn. Paris is not only for spring. I was facultyinvited to IMCAS meeting had 3 lectures with one of them about new updates in breastsurgery with conversion (implant to fat) and hybrid. In add to 2 lectures about femaleintimate surgery, included an interview […]

CAPSCO is the Consortium of Aesthetic Plastic
Surgery Clinic Owners. Our constitution was
ratified on 15th June 2020.

CAPSCO is a Non-profit organisation established in March 2020during the Covid19 pandemic. The founding members virtually met,discussed, and established the organisation at various times.Subsequently, a WhatsApp Group was formed and aestheticplastic surgeons with similar backgrounds were encouraged tojoin. CAPSCO currently consists of 75 members. Our senior consultant Dr. Amin Kalaaji has been invited as an […]

We are back and in full swing after a lovely
summer with many exciting interventions!

Today we perform rhinoplasty, implant in the breast, fat transplantation to the chin andunder the eyes. We also performed breast augmentation with fat and vagina tightening thisweek. Call us on 22 55 42 90 directly to book an appointment for a consultation, or send us arequest here:Book a consultation for either a physical consultation at […]

Summer ending

Happy summer from all of us at Oslo Plastic Surgery!Here’s a picture from a happy bunch who are going out to eat at this year’s end of summer.We welcome both new and familiar ones to us this summer – hope to see you!

Read our interview in Nettavisen

Read our interview in Nettavisen where our chief physician Dr Kalaaji said about the increase in plastic surgery among men and our patient ‘Thomas’ who has undergone surgery for Gynecomastia and see pictures of him before and after. «No matter how much he trained, they didn’t go away. The male breasts Thomas, 45, had been struggling […]

ISPRES Member Forum

Flashbacks from this autumn’s ISPRES Member Forum meeting where our senior consultantDr. Amin Kalaaji gave a lecture as the only faculty on the subject of new trends in breastsurgery. ISPRES stands for International Society of Plastic Regenerative Surgeons and ISPRESMember Forum is exclusively for the members of ISPRES and provides a unique interactiveopportunity with experts […]

ISPRES Member Forum to be held on
Aug. 30, 2022

New trends in breast augmentation: Simultaneous implant conversion with fat and hybrid(Composite) implant-fat breast augmentation/revision. This session features Amin Kalaaji, MD, PhD, Norway to present. Our senior consultant Dr. Kalaaji was invited as the keynote speaker for an hour where hetalked about new trends in breast augmentation: Replacing implants with fat insertions, andhybrid method with […]