Price terms

The prices given in accordance with the current price list are indicative.

The final price for any treatment will be given at the consultation. This price will include consultation, surgery, follow-up checks, as well as the necessary body in treatments where this is used.

The consultation costs NOK. 600 and is paid on the day of the consultation.

The operation/treatment is paid for on the day of the operation, by using a bank terminal or by presenting a receipt for the amount paid into the clinic’s bank account. We accept Aksept cards, Master cards and Visa cards.

We have no financing arrangement.

Our guarantee: Good follow-up, with the necessary follow-up checks. If, up to one year after the operation, there is a medical indication for an unsatisfactory result, a new operation/correction can be expected free of charge.

If during figure shaping it is desired to carry out intervention in other areas at the same time, we give a 50% discount on the second and possibly third area.

For treatments where it is desired to carry out several interventions at the same time, and this is medically justifiable, up to a 15% reduction on the total sum can be expected.

For those who live far from Oslo and want accommodation, we can offer hotel accommodation at favorable prices.

For breast augmentation with your own fat tissue, fat removal from the place where fat is taken from is included in the price.

From 01.01.21, the Stortinget has decided that 25% VAT will be imposed on cosmetic surgery and cosmetic treatments. This will cause some increase in the price.


The operation is paid for on the day of the operation, either by using our bank terminal or by presenting a receipt for the amount paid. Subject to price changes.


Breast enlargement with implants (round) (Guarantee)From 36500,-
Breast enlargement with implants (anatomical) (Guarantee)From 42500,-
Breast enlargement with fat transferFrom 48000,-
Removal of implant with thin capsuleFrom 17500,-
Removal of implant with thick capsuleFrom 29500,-
Change of prosthesisFrom 35000,-
Breast liftFrom 39500,-
Breast Lift combined with breast implantsFrom 51000,-
Inverted nipplesFrom 18000,-
Breast reductionFrom 48000,-
Inverted nipples correction (diameter)From 18500,-
Inverted nipples correction (height)From 13000,-



Mini abdomen with preliminary liposuctionFrom 38500,-
Full abdomen with preliminary liposuctionFrom 53500,-
Full abdomen with preliminary liposuction
(with muscle tightening)
From 61000,-
Elevated (prominent) umbilicusFrom 14500,-



Fat grafting to faceFrom 29500,-
Breast enlargement with fat transferFrom 49500,-
Buttocks enlargement with fat graftingFrom 49000,-
Fat grafting to lipFrom 17500,-
Fat graftingFrom 15500,-



Liposuction mons pubisFrom 18000,-
Labia minora plastyFrom 19500,-
Labia majora plastyFrom 25500,-
ClitorisplastyFrom 18500,-
Introitus plastic surgeryFrom kr 23500,-
Vaginal tighteningFrom kr: 29500,-



Thigh-LiftFrom 50000,-
Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)From 36000,-
Thigh plastyFrom 40000,-


Liposuction of sweat glandsFrom 23500,-
Surgical removalFrom 26000,-
Medical injection (no scar no surgery) for axillaFrom 9000,-
Medical injection (no scar no surgery) for handsFrom 14500,-

Thread lift face (eyebrows, cheeks or neck)

Price per standard thread:From kr 2000,-
Price per collagen thread:From kr 500,-


Full facelift/lower facelift with fat transferFrom 53500,-
MiniliftFrom 29500,-
Lower faceliftFrom 36500,-
Forehead liftFrom 38500,-
Brow liftFrom 24500,-
Prominent Ears Correction (Otoplasty)From 19500,-
Nose Correction (Rhinoplasty)From 37500,-
Chin enlargement with implantFrom 25000,-



Upper eyelid correctionFrom 12500,-
Lower eyelid correctionFrom 17000,-
Upper and lower eyelid correctionFrom 28500,-
Asian eyelid correctionFrom 20000,-


ChinFrom 19000,-
Chin+NeckFrom 29000,-
FaceFrom 21500,-
Female breast (only liposuction)From 27000,-
AbdomenFrom 28000,-
WaistsFrom 21000,-
Hips to the backFrom 21000,-
Posterior thighFrom 19500,-
Outer thighFrom 23000,-
Inner thighFrom 23000,-
Inner kneeFrom 14500,-
Leg/AncleFrom 29500,-
OverarmFrom 21500,-
GynekomastiFrom 26500,-



Wrinkle treatment for face with own fat graftingFrom 19500,-
Wrinkle treatment with temporary products (contact us for more info)From 3200,-
Wrinkle treatment with Botox in one areaFrom 3700,-
Juvederm Ultra 2: one shot 0,55 ml: enlarging lippedges, around mouth and forehead (other shots in the same session kr. 1750)From 2900,-
Juvederm Ultra 3: one shot 0,8 ml (other shots in the same session kr. 1800)From 3350,-
Juvederm Voluma 2 ml (1 x 2)From 4750,-