Pricing terms

Our price list shows a minimum price per intervention. An individual price will be obtained at a consultation as the price varies based on various factors such as the extent of the procedure, starting point and variations in the size of the implant, etc. A final pier will include consultation, surgery, follow-ups, as well as the necessary body / bra after surgery where this is used.

A consultation with our surgeon costs, kr. 600.- and to be paid on the day of consultation.

The operation price awarded is paid on the day of surgery, by using a bank terminal or by presenting a receipt for the amount paid in the clinic’s bank account. We accept Acceptance cards, Master cards and Visa cards. We have no funding scheme.

Our guarantee: good follow-up, with the necessary check-ups. If up to one year after the operation there is a medical indication in the event of an unsatisfactory result, a new operation/correction can be expected free of charge.

If, when forming figures, interventions in other areas are desired at the same time, we will give a 50 % price reduction in the second and possibly third areas. For treatments where several procedures are desired at the same time, and this is medically justifiable, up to a 15% reduction in the total sum can be expected.

From 01.01.21, the Storting has decided that 25% VAT will be imposed on cosmetic surgery and cosmetic treatments. This will entail some increase in the price. All our prices are inclusive of VAT.


The operation is paid for on the day of the operation, either by using our bank terminal or by presenting a receipt for the amount paid. Subject to price changes.


Breast augmentation with round prosthesis (Mentor)From 42000,-
Breast augmentation with anatomical prosthesis (Mentor)From 49000,-
Breast augmentation with its own fatty tissueFrom 49000,-
Removal of prosthesis with thin capsuleFrom 24000,-
Removal of a prosthesis with a thick capsuleFrom 32000,-
Replacement of prosthesisFrom 39000,-
Breast liftFrom 49000,-
Breast lift with prosthesisFrom 57000,-
Confiscated NipplesFrom 21000,-
Breast reductionFrom 54000,-
Reduction of nipples diameterFrom 19500,-
Reduction of nipples heightFrom 14500,-
Breast lift m fatFrom 64000,-
Hybrid implant with fatFrom 54000,-
Conversion (removing dentures with insertion of fat)From 49000,-


Small abdominoplasty with initial liposuctionFrom 44000,-
Large abdominoplasty with initial liposuctionFrom 65000,-
Large abdominoplasty with initial liposuction (m movement of navel and tightening of muscles)From 71000,-
Protruding NavelFrom 16000,-

Fat transplantation / Lipofilling

An areaFrom 15000,-
Face (multi-area)From 35000,-
LipsFrom 15000,-
Breast augmentation with its own fatty tissueFrom 49000,-
Buttock enlargement with own fat (BBL)From 55000,-


Mount of Venus figure shapingFrom 25000,-
Labia minor plastic (inner labia)From 22000,-
Labia major plastic (outer labia)From 29000,-
Labia major enlarging with its own fatFrom 25000,-
Clitoral plasticFrom kr 19500,-
IntroitusplastyFrom kr 22000,-
Vaginal tighteningFrom kr 35000,-


Thigh LiftFrom 50000,-
Arm plastic with initial liposuctionFrom 45000,-
ThighplastyFrom 50000,-

Thread lift face

Price per standard threadFrom kr 3000,-
Price per collagen threadFrom kr 500,-


Full face and neck lift with possible fat injectionFrom 65000,-
MiniliftFrom 44000,-
Neck lift / neck liftFrom 44000,-
Forehead liftFrom 45000,-
Eyebrow liftFrom 35000,-
Protruding EarsFrom 24000,-
RhinoplastyFrom 42000,-
Implanted chin augmentationFrom 33000,-
Chin augmentation with fatFrom 33000,-
Upper eyelidFrom 14500,-
Lower eyelidFrom 19500,-
Upper and lower eyelidsFrom 32000,-
Asian EyesFrom 20000,-
Fat for the tear pit under the eyesFrom 12000,-


When treating two or more areas, a 50% discount is given in other areas

ChinFrom 24000,-
Chin+NeckFrom 32000,-
FaceFrom 25000,-
Breast – liposuction onlyFrom 32000,-
StomachFrom 30000,-
Waist/sidesFrom 22000,-
Hips down towards the buttocksFrom 22000,-
Seat/back thighs towards the buttocksFrom 20000,-
Thigh/outsideFrom 25000,-
Thighs/insidesFrom 25000,-
Knees/insidesFrom 17000,-
Calf /ankle (calves and ankles at the same time NOK 32,500)From 35000,-
Upper armFrom 25000,-
Gynecomastia (large breast men)From 31000,-


Wrinkle treatment / face w / fat injectionFrom 19500,-
Wrinkle treatment JuvedermFrom 3200,-
Wrinkle treatment Botox in one area (when processing additional area in the same session (NOK 2100).From 3700,-
Juvederm Ultra 2: One syringe 0.55 ml: enlarge lip edges, round mouth and in forehead (second syringe in the same session NOK 1750,-)From 2900,-
Juvederm Ultra 3: one syringe 0.8 ml: increase cheek volume, Nasolabial furrow and chin line. (consider syringe in the same session 1700,-)From 3350,-
Juvederm Ultra 4: one syringe 0.8 ml: increase cheek volume. (second syringe in the same session 1800,-)From 3550,-
Juvederm Voluma 2 ml (1 x 2) restore/improve facial defectsFrom 4750,-