Here are some patient statements that we have chosen to display completely anonymously in the goal of illustrating patients’ experiences before, during and after surgery. This is for information’s sake. We have tried to avoid too much “self-praise” as this is not the intention, only to convey the patient’s experience after undergoing an operation with us. For the sake of word we have chosen to publish the statements as they were sent to us and they have not been edited.

Our abdominoplasty patient – ​​female 42, operated August 2022

I’m very satisfied just about 6 weeks I´m feeling much better. Applause to all the staffs. you can’t even see the cutting marks. wonderful job done. i can recommend them to everyone.

Watch the nice video from our patient!

Fat grafting to her feet and she can walk again! Goes to the top just over six months after the operation in January 2022.

Fat grafting patient where we moved fat to under the feet - footpad syndrome

2 1/2 months since the fat transplantation in my heels and fore feet, and now I'm walking barefoot for the first time in three years! Fantastic 🤩. Still some recovery, still some patience needed, but this is looking really good for the time being. April 2022

Rhinoplasty surgery patient:

Dr. Kalaaji has been great, when I operated on my nose, I felt comfortable and there was no pain, I thought I was going to be in pain, but it was strange that I didn't feel anything. A year ago, I had surgery with a good result and looks very natural. Thank you very much Dr. Kalaaji and the staff at the clinic, you were very good and nice. May 2022

Our BBL patient:

I went to Dr.Kalaaji in February to have BBL surgery and am very happy with my result. The final result after such an operation can be seen after 6 months, but you can already see a big difference. He and his team took such good care of me. He is fair with price, good communication and did what I asked him to do. My plan was actually to travel abroad, as many others do for a BBL operation, but I am happy to have done it with Dr. Kalaaji, where I have received good follow-up afterwards. February 2022

Woman 41 – Fat grafting

Absolutely fantastic… I needed significant fat grafting for correction in the symmetry of the lower legs due to complications with my legs from birth. I approached a surgeon in the uk who explained that the amount of fat I needed to transfer would be extremely specialist and, in his opinion, the leading dr in the world for this was dr Kalaaji at Oslo Plastikkirurgi.

From the moment I contacted dr Kalaaji he and his staff have gone beyond my highest expectations. Before surgery I had numerous video consultations with dr Kalaaji discussing my requirements and helping me understand the process, I have had prompt responses to all my queries and been kept up to date every step of the way via email from the lovely June at reception.

On the day of the surgery, I was made to feel at ease, and I cannot thank the staff enough for this, the nurse and anesthetist were really wonderful people with such a kind and calming presence, I feel so lucky to have been able to get a space to be operated on in this clinic… I would highly recommend dr Kalaaji and his wonderful team to anyone and would trust them with my closest loved ones.

Thank you so much to Dr Kalaaji and your fabulous team 😊
- October 2021

Female 24 years – intimate surgery

“I applied to read a bit about different surgeons and clinics until I came to the decision to choose Oslo Plastic Surgery with Dr. Amin Kalaaji. It was the best decision I have ever made. Oslo Plastic Surgery is not only concerned about the patient’s result being “OK”, they want you to be properly satisfied, which is great. They also do not operate when they do not think it is necessary at all, which says a lot about how good their morals are. All of the equipment is sterile, I had a major operation but did not get infection even though it is an area with great infection risk. The staff is incredibly nice, the anesthesiologist and the surgeon are insanely skilled. Labiaplasty has a bad reputation, presumably because it is seen as not loving oneself the way one is – but it simply is not in all cases. I was born with large internal genitalia, so big that I got chronic infections and had painful wounds there often. Went to doctor and got a prescription for medication I had to take once a week for six months, to prevent fungal infection. As soon as I joined them, it came back. It was an eternal torment to have hurt there, I couldn’t cross my legs because then they squeezed them. I couldn’t wear pretty jeans daily because they gave me wounds. I am a woman, and lingerie is something we like to buy, but I had so big sex lips that there were many lingerie I could not use, either because the sex lips stuck out on the sides or because I got wounds from eg. Lace Panties. Sex was complicated because the lips could be torn by the friction which resulted in it hurting. I can understand those who are struggling to love themselves and not to resort to surgery where it is not necessary, because I agree – but then they must also understand that taking labiaplasty when you need it is just the right decision there too. For several years this has been my biggest complaint, and Dr. Amin Kalaaji took away all my pain. Thank you so much, you have changed my life forever. ” 01/16/2020

Female 18 year – breast enlargement with implants

”Hi! I just want to tell your service is super! I am very happy and grateful for you taken good care of me, as a customer/patient. I hope there are a lot of good testimonials for you, you deserve it very, very much. 20.06.2014

Female 41 years – nose plastic

“Hi! Now the bandage on the nose has been removed. I guess the stitches dissolve by themselves? There have been “wheezing” on the nasal wings, where it was supported. One is a little inflamed. Should I just smear some with Fucidin? You have to greet the doctor to say that I am super happy! I have been crying for results at every operation, but this time there were tears of joy. The starting point is very promising 🙂 Thank you very, very much! The idea that I might be able to go through the rest of my life without my nose bothering me daily is a bit strange. 10/29/2019

Female 28 – Correcting inverted nipples | June 2020

"I had surgery for inverted nipples with you a while back and am very pleased. One of the reasons I wanted this was because I wanted to breastfeed if I had children, since my nipples were so inward facing, I think it could have been a challenge. I've now had a baby, and breastfeeding is going great."

Female 46 years – Large abdominal plastic with muscle tightening and figure shaping

“I have been operated on with stomach / abdominal plastic surgery at Oslo Plastic Surgery. I definitely have a positive image of the clinic. I work in health care myself and am very concerned with professionalism, top service and cleanliness. I have to say with my hand that I found all this at Oslo Plastic Surgery. Dr. Kajaali gives a very professional impression. Already from my first phone call I met a very nice and welcoming secretary with whom I had a very good communication (via telephone, sms and e-mail) throughout the process. The phone is taken as soon as you call the clinic. When I came to my first consultation with Dr. Kalaaji, I immediately noticed very clean and modern premises. I meet a nice, calm and professional surgeon. I really appreciated that. He explained very carefully what his vision was with the operation and how he wanted to do it. He asked several times if I agreed with him, and I certainly was. We had no communication problems. Dr.Kalaaji speaks very understandable Scandinavian. I got a good deal in terms of price. With others, I had to pay a lot a higher price for less work. I was satisfied with both the offer and his expertise, I felt 100% confident and looked after from start to finish. I am very pleased with the result today. 09/29/2014