Remove double chin

Accumulations of fat under the chin are often called a double chin because it looks like you have two chins. This can be removed through liposuction (liposculpture) in the relevant area.

Oslo Plastikk uses a needle and local anaesthetic. First, a local anesthetic is injected before the fat is suctioned out. This together with Micro air (PAAL), which is a vibration machine that effectively distributes pressure and gives an even result.

The skin usually contracts nicely after the procedure by itself. If there is a lot of loose skin after the procedure, this can be combined with a tightening of the skin around the chin. Techniques from facelifts are most often used.

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Dr. Amin Kalaaji

The responsible physician is Dr. Amin Kalaaji, senior physician MD, specialist in plastic surgery and head of clinic at Oslo Plastic Surgery, and head of the Norwegian Association for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (NFEP) 2018-2020.

Dr. Kalaaji holds many positions and gives lectures and training around the world. This benefits all our patients as he is always up to date on the latest and most advanced treatments and surgical techniques.

Patient safety, high quality and individual treatment always weigh the most at Oslo Plastic Surgery.