Intimate Surgery

Intimate surgery is a collective name for a number of interventions that are performed on the genitals.

Through intimate surgery, you can get help to reduce discomfort during activity, intercourse or to improve after childbirth.

Intimate surgery involves, for example, reshaping of the outer and inner labia, removal or addition of fat, correction of the clitoral cap or tightening after childbirth.

Before you decide to carry out any of the treatments we offer, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the treatments.

Operating on the intimate area only to imitate or achieve a desired appearance is not recommended.

Our treatments

Shaping of mons pubis venus

Unfortunate distribution of fat deposits comes either from heredity or hormones. Between the lower part of the abdomen and the labia, there can be an excess of fat which can seem embarrassing. In this area of ​​the body, intense exercise or dieting does not always reduce fat in these areas. The procedure is done via small holes in the skin where fat is extracted.

Labia Minora Plastic - Inner Labia

Everyone is different in the intimate area and nothing is abnormal, but the inner labia can cause great discomfort such as itching, irritation, soreness and pain. Labia minora plastic involves reducing, correcting asymmetry and size of the inner labia. A correction leaves a short scar on the outside and inside of the labia. This is done in such a way as to avoid scar tissue on the front, which would be visible and give unwanted sensitivity.

Labia Majora Plastic - Outer Labia

In some women, the outer labia differ in size. Some may be too big, too small or asymmetrical. This can be corrected with either figure shaping, fat injection or surgical intervention. In the main, these interventions do not leave visible scars. There are a number of treatments that can be used and which treatment is best for you is determined by the surgeon through consultation.

Clitorisplasty - Clitor Cap Lift

Some people experience asymmetry or «hanging» folds in the skin that surrounds the clitoris on the sides towards the inner labia. This can be physically and cosmetically embarrassing. The treatment involves lifting the clitoral cap. This is done through a relatively simple intervention with local anesthetic or sedation. This procedure is often performed in combination with labiaplasty. The clitoris itself is not touched during the treatment, only the surrounding skin is corrected or reduced.

Labia Enlargement with fat grafting

Enlargement of the outer labia can be done with fat grafting. If you have asymmetry or a lack of fullness, your own fat can be used to correct this. This fat is taken from, for example, the stomach and is transplanted into the labia through small incisions. 30% of the fat that is transplanted will disappear within 4 months. This is taken into account when the procedure is performed, so that some more fat is inserted.

Introitus Reduction with fat transplantation or plastic

With increasing age or after giving birth, some women may find that the vaginal entrance is enlarged, which can cause problems in intimate situations. The procedure involves injecting small amounts of fat at the vaginal entrance. Usually the fat grows well in the receiving area, but you have to expect that the body absorbs 30% of the fat. Therefore, a little more than what is needed is injected to compensate for this.

Vaginal Plastic

Vaginal plastic surgery involves tightening up the entrance to the vagina through a surgical procedure. This takes place by bringing separated muscles together and the mucous membrane from the back of the vagina is removed. Outer skin can also be removed for a more aesthetic appearance. The result is a tighter vaginal canal and increased sexual satisfaction.

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Dr. Amin Kalaaji

The responsible physician is Dr. Amin Kalaaji, senior physician MD, specialist in plastic surgery and head of clinic at Oslo Plastic Surgery, and head of the Norwegian Association for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (NFEP) 2018-2020.

Dr. Kalaaji holds many positions and gives lectures and training around the world. This benefits all our patients as he is always up to date on the latest and most advanced treatments and surgical techniques.

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