We are back and in full swing after a lovely
summer with many exciting interventions!

Today we perform rhinoplasty, implant in the breast, fat transplantation to the chin and
under the eyes. We also performed breast augmentation with fat and vagina tightening this
week. Call us on 22 55 42 90 directly to book an appointment for a consultation, or send us a
request here:
Book a consultation for either a physical consultation at the clinic or over a video call with
our surgeon.
Wish you a great summer from all of us here at Oslo Plastic Surgery!

VG Interview

https://www.vg.no/nyheter/meninger/i/JQnQvJ/estetisk-kirurgi-er-helsehjelp Aesthetic surgery is health care In the media, we have seen several articles about aesthetic surgerythis autumn, including from Minister of Health Kjerkol. Some

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