Dr A. Kalaaji, Chief Surgeon at Oslo Plastic Surgery comments on the increases in cosmetic surgery in young people under the age of 30, Dr Kalaaji believes more people are concerned about the whole of their figure and want to take advantage of what they have.

At Oslo Plastic Surgery, more and more people will shape their bodies by means of fat transplants for, for example, breast enlargement, abdominal, waist, thigh and buttocks.

– We think more people are concerned about the unity of their character and want to exploit what they have. This type of surgery together with intimate surgery and nasal surgery represents a large part of our business, says Dr Kalaaji at Oslo Plastic Surgery.

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Greetings from Istanbul

Greetings from Istanbul where I was invited as faculty member for ISAPS, also I signed my recent published book of plastic and aesthetic regenerative surgery

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