NEW at Oslo Plastikkirurgi clinic: Frozen Cartilage | Frozen cartilage – for nose surgery

Oslo Plastikkirurgi clinic can now offer frozen cartilage for deformities on the nose with good effect so far. It is most commonly used to build up the bridge of the nose in patients with a low bridge of the nose, which happen congenitally from birth, after injury or previous nose surgery. This is also typical of an Asian or African but also in Caucasians. In addition, one can build up and support the tip of the nose and shape the nose wing (Alarplasty). Studies show good long-term results for such operations and the method with frozen cartilage turns out to be a good alternative to other procedures where you move your own rib cartilage.

The frozen cartilage is thawed after the medical procedure and prepared during surgery.

This method is preferable to harvesting your own cartilage from ribs which is far more complicated. One then avoids in addition to possible complications, defect in the rib area, pain, and feeling the edge after removal of rib cartilage on the rib. All this can be avoided by frozen cartilage procedure. Contact us for a non-binding consultation.

VG Interview

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