Three out of ten women who have undergone breast augmentation with a prosthesis say they are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with the decrease in sensitivity to the breast skin after surgery.

«A relatively high proportion and it deserves further research,» says Amin Kalaaji, a plastic surgeon in Oslo, Norway, who has researched the quality of life of 97 women who have undergone breast enlargement with prosthetics with a follow-up period of 3 years. The study is published in the February issue of the journal Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

Women answered anonymously on 47 questions via email. 65 of the committee said they had undergone surgery for cosmetic reasons, 48 ​​to improve self-esteem. 22 for reasons described as intimate and private and 20 for mental reasons. Almost all women expressed satisfaction with the result (93 of the sample), and 73 felt more complete with new breasts. 27 admitted not to be satisfied with the decreased sensation in the skin of the chest which was experienced as greatly reduced.

In addition, our article on the quality of life of women after breast augmentation with implants has received good attention in the other Italian media.

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