Plastic surgeon reports «buttock boom» among Norwegian women, but warns against expecting a Kardashian buttocks. Even here in Norway, few have admitted that they have been helped to fill the butt, but according to the plastic surgeon, the doctor and the dr. Amin Kalaaji at Oslo Plastic Surgery has seen more and more women from all walks of life come to his clinic in recent years.

“Two years ago there was an increase in demand. I have no clear explanation as to why, ”Kalaaji tells Dagbladet. He uses fat transplants to enlarge women’s buttocks, and transfers fat from the abdomen, hips and thighs to the buttocks during surgery. «That way you can shape the whole figure, so that the proportions become appropriate».

“I never recommend implant. It is associated with complications such as rejection and infection. It is not the best for long-term results ”. Kalaai’s theory about the «buttock boom» that came into existence two years ago is a combination of increased knowledge about fat transplantation and celebrities with formidable back ends.

“Kim Kardashian has probably affected many, but her butt is disproportionate to her body. It sends the wrong signal to all girls, who have expectations that there is something they should get if they lie under the knife. It is completely unrealistic and in many cases undesirable, ”the plastic surgeon says sternly, adding:

«Women who only want a» balloon enlargement «of the buttocks are rejected.» Kalaaji emphasizes that lying on the operating table to enlarge the buttocks is not without risk no matter which method you use.

«It’s not a harmless operation. You have to be very careful as a doctor and it can cause serious complications such as nerve damage, infection, ulcers and blood clots, ”he says. At the same time, he is aware that it is safer to operate in Norway than abroad. “We know that many clinics in the world are attracted by low prices and savings, but to go abroad to operate we strongly advise against this. You do not know the knowledge of that clinic and do not have any guarantees for the treatment, ”the plastic surgeon claims.

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