He gave three lectures at this annual congress.

1- Breast enlargement with his own fat where he compared the different procedures with the pros and cons.He has himself performed over 122 surgeries regarding fat transplantation to the breast.

Many patients only want a little more fullness and do not want breast implants inserted. Breast fat transplants feel more natural to many and are a good replacement for breast implants unless you want a large volume increase.

2-Butt enlargement with own fat. He went through the history of butt enlargement with his own fat and dealt with the internationally reported complications that have arisen after such interventions. He told of his long experience with this procedure. He explained the importance of a thorough patient safety assessment prior to such an intervention and his own experience with all the interventions he has undertaken regarding buttock enlargement with his own fat.

3-Breast transplantation for patients who already have implants but want to fill more punctually. Others want to remove the implants and then insert fat into the breast. This may be because, for example, the implants have enclosed or that you now want a more natural result.

Some want to insert a breast implant in combination with fat in the same vein. A so-called hybrid treatment. This is to get a nice, even shape on the breasts if volume is lacking in some places.

4-He also participated as chairman (moderator) during a lecture on fat transplantation to the buttocks which he himself has many years of experience with.