«The number of patients who come to us for a better butt has exploded in recent years,» says Dr. Dr. Med. and specialist in plastic surgery Amin Kalaaji at Oslo Plastic Surgery for Aftenposten Science.

«Only a small part wants a balloon butt ala Kardashian,» he says. “They usually don’t know what it’s all about and they’re not the right candidates for a butt enlargement. Balloon buttocks are a very unrealistic and not very neat result and I say that to them when I reject them ”. Dr. Kalaaji believes there is a great misunderstanding of what is shown in the media. Pictures by Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj, among others, give young people false expectations. Sometimes these images are manipulated and completely unrealistic. Dr. Amin Kalaaji says it’s important to be aware that people from different parts of the world have different body shapes. For example, Latin Americans have a different physique than Scandinavians, Asians or Africans. «With us it’s about shaping the back, hips, abdomen, thighs and moderate increase in the size of the buttocks itself,» he says. “The back must stand to the rest of the body. One trend that we have seen over the last three years is that people want to move the fat on the body from one part to another to get better propositions. In the past, people came to get rid of fat on the body, now they put it back in their own body, which I think is positive. ”He also says that they also often do operations where people have an innate asymmetry, completely dropped buttocks or injuries that they can repair.


«Butt enlargement is a delicate operation with a high risk of complications if this is not done by qualified personnel,» warns the experienced surgeon. He says that implants have been used in Norway in the past, but that there have been significant complications such as rejection and infections in nearly 40 cases of the case. “Also, implants may look strangely foreign,” he says, “so we’ve never put such in and we’re never going to. But the worst is those who use liquid material to inject into the buttocks. This is done overseas even by those who are not plastic surgeons. ”He strongly advises injecting foreign material into the butt and says that they have been involved in cases where silicone has previously been injected and that it has been virtually impossible to remove . «Then you have to do a proper operation and cut away and it leaves a lot of scars,» he says.


«But we must also say this openly, there have been many deaths following such fat fats, including those performed by qualified doctors,» says Dr Kalaaji. He says that the common feature of these is that the fat has been injected too deep into the muscle so that it has accompanied the blood and formed a blood clot, which has eventually become stuck in the lung. Fortunately, this has never happened in Norway, but in the US and London, for example. The deaths are now under investigation. «That is why we are always very cautious here at our clinic, minimizing risk by using special techniques and staying away from risk areas and not injecting large amounts of fat,» says Amin Kalaaji.