The International Plastic Surgeons Conference was held on October 27 and 28, 2017 in Oslo, and Oslo Plastic Surgeon’s Dr. Dr. Kalaaji was chairman, moderator and participated as a faculty holding 4 posts.

He gave 4 lectures on:

1. Nose-Q application for nose plastic. Where you have measured quality of life and aesthetic result after nasal surgery, with the aim that this will be better when you know how the patients experience the result.

2. The latest indications of breast enlargement with own fat, such as the replacement of dentures for those who no longer want these or have severe capsule formation and tenderness. In addition, indications to combine both implant and fat, so-called hybrid reasoning. This is something that can be good for those who do not want a larger implant, but a mixture of implant and own tissue, such as fat. This can be done simultaneously in the same procedure, or in addition to an existing implant.

3. The latest techniques in correcting inverted nipples. There, Dr. Kalaaji lectured on the clinic’s new technique of correcting inverted nipples by retaining breastfeeding and getting an improved aesthetic appearance (including feel). The technique is performed at 130nipples and have yielded promising results.

4. Patients’ quality of life after undergoing intimate surgery. There, Dr. Kalaaji lectured on the clinic’s outcome after 175 intimate surgery operations. There, the patients explained anonymously about their experience, the reason why they had the operation and with what result. More information on this in later news.

This is now the second time the conference is being held, and Dr. Kalaaji is one of the founders and drivers of the conference.

The conference had over 160 participants from all over the world, from more than 26 countries and many of the lecturers are considered the best in their field.

See the link if you want to read more about the conference and about the various lectures:

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