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Breast lift combined with breast implants

Some women with saggy, small or big breasts feel that they need to rejuvenate the breast area by means of a breast lift combined with silicone implants.
In the consultation with your surgeon you will assess your options fully. The size of the initial breast and physical build along with the desired outcome are important factors to determine whether the combination is appropriate.
If in doubt, we would always recommend that a breast lift be undertaken initially and then consideration given to the insertion of implants. 

The Breast lift is performed in a similar way as breast reduction (see Breast Reduction Procedure) but is generally less extensive. Usually removing only the superficial skin, moving the nipple and the glandular tissue. The incisions are made around the nipple only - or around the nipple and vertically, thus being significant reduction in the scarring than that of a breast reduction.
Sometimes it is necessary to use silicone implants at the same operation when there is not enough volume in the breast to achieve a balanced breast uplift result. This is clarified in advance during the thorough consultation where all aspects will be fully taken into consideration.

Pre-operation considerations
To get optimal results and avoid complications we recommend you to avoid stress, stay out of the sun, eat healthily, keep your weight within a normal BMI range, exercise regularly, and refrain from alcohol for 2 days prior to surgery and 2 weeks after surgery. Please refrain from smoking for at least 1 week before surgery and a minimum of 2 weeks after surgery as smoking can interfere with the final result.

Downtime following surgery
Heavy physical exercise and strenuous body movement or lifting must not be undertaken for a minimum of 2 weeks following the surgery. You can still move and do normal everyday things the day after surgery.

The final results will emerge between 3 to 6 months following surgery. There is very rarely disappointment in the patient’s perception of the success of the surgery.

Where to stay:
If you live some distance from the clinic we recommend that you spend one night in or near Oslo Plastic Surgery Clinic so that our caring staff are on hand to reassure you should any issue arise that will cause you concern. Oslo Plastic Surgery Clinic can highly recommend 2 hotels nearby to our clinic:

Hotel Gabelshus, Gabelsgate 16 or Frogner House Hotel Norum, Bygdøy Allé 53.

Contact us for more information and/or for booking the hotel.

After Surgery:

We will require you to come to the clinic for a follow up check. With all surgery this is important as your surgeon needs to see how you are settling.

We do not recommend you fly for 48 hours post surgery. You may feel nauseous and tired in the hours following surgery. It is important to take your painkillers and drink enough fluids.

You may experience dizziness if you get up quickly from a chair or perhaps when you are lying in bed, so be sensible, take it easy and move slowly. This is quite normal following surgery and should pass within a couple of days.

Follow ups will be carried out at the clinic/alternatively through phone or video consultation:
1 day after surgery, after 1-2 weeks, after 3-6 months and finally after 1 year when our guarantee to you is completed.
Bleeding and infection are unusual and if they do occur they may need to be treated with a small operation and/or an antibiotic.  If corrections are needed they will be scheduled free of charge within one year after your surgery. Anaesthesia allergy is extremely rare.

Disclaimer: The result after a plastic surgery is individual and varies from patient to patient. The pictures on this page are examples only - and are not a guarantee of results after surgery.
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