An increasing number of advertisements offer cosmetic surgery abroad, so-called “Medical tourism” where it is lured with expensive marketing and a full package consisting of, among other things, spa offers and substantially lower prices than what is offered here at home.

This can be difficult to resist, but you should still think carefully before deciding.

In principle, we do not recommend cosmetic surgery abroad. One should be aware of the quality of the treatment offered.

It can be difficult to ensure a high level of expertise on unknown surgeons, equipment and other personnel. Language problems can also be a disadvantage. Also, many clinics do not offer a guarantee of any complication or correction.

We have received many inquiries from patients who are distressed by complications and / or are not satisfied with the outcome of the treatment.

Some have traveled abroad for a correction and thus end up having to pay far more than it would have cost to be operated here at home.

Others choose to operate here again at full price.

Unfortunately, a third group ends up with neither one or the other and, due to finances, they must refrain from further action and will have to accept the result they have received.

Use common sense in choosing a clinic before deciding!

We remind you that our clinic, like most clinics in Norway, has a one-year guarantee for all types of treatment we take with us, including any complications or correction to improve the outcome. For our implants, we have a lifetime warranty.

Feel free to contact us if you need treatment advice.

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