The clinic’s superior Dr. Kalaaji states in an article with KK about intimate surgery in women. Here he gives his view of the team. “I mean there will be an injustice in that with the term ‘design vagina’. The patients come here and will operate for hygienic, physical and practical reasons. Plus, of course, it also has something to do with self-esteem. For example, many do not dare to appear naked to partners.

It is a myth that everyone does this to get a new design, and it is important to point out that there is nothing abnormal. There are huge variations in how people look down there and you should not take such surgery because of it. I think availability has a lot to say, plus the surgical techniques are better. In addition, the economy is important and people also have more knowledge of this today.

It is important that you think through this thoroughly, and if you are uncertain, do not do it. Then you are not ready. This is a process and something you have been thinking about for years – a few months is not enough. «

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VG Interview

https://www.vg.no/nyheter/meninger/i/JQnQvJ/estetisk-kirurgi-er-helsehjelp Aesthetic surgery is health care In the media, we have seen several articles about aesthetic surgerythis autumn, including from Minister of Health Kjerkol. Some

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