Oslo Plastic Surgery responds to Chris Tvedt’s post in BA on plastic surgery. Here is our view on the topic.

It is with wonder that we read the column written by Chris Tvedt, published in Bergensavisen 23.03.15, where he quotes sentences taken from his context from our website osloplastikkirurgi.no. It is perfectly okay to have your own opinions on aesthetic surgery, but to go so hard that one utters untrue claims and compares an entire profession to the tobacco or weapons industry does not hang on, and one should be careful to do so.

Plastic and cosmetic surgery has resulted in documented improvements in the quality of life of millions of people worldwide and hundreds of thousands of Norwegian women, men, children and the elderly, married and unmarried people from all walks of life, both physically and mentally. In addition, it has provided clear improvements in intimate, practical and daily activities, including in the field of work, which leads to a clear increase in self-confidence.

We from the Oslo Plastic Surgery clinic must specify that we reject those who want a design vagina, as well as strongly advise them not to do any surgery at all. What we at Oslo Plastic Surgery treat here are physical, mental, practical, intimate and / or hygienic problems.

Caution and proper judgment are, of course, necessary to exclude candidates who are searching for design or similar or who, for example, want to copy celebrities. Under no circumstances should these be treated surgically. The environment among cosmetic plastic surgeons in Norway has high ethical rules to approve or reject every single patient.

The women who are operated with us are usually good adult women. They have partners, jobs and children and have considered this for many years due to major physical and mental ailments. Ailments that they have lived with for many years and that have embarrassed and inhibited them in daily life. This is about improving their quality of life and feeling good physically and mentally. As a physician, one here has the responsibility and duty to help these patients.

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