Read the incredibly nice feedback from our BBL patient Linda 35, operated May 2022!

It’s always nice with feedback, but the joy is greatest when you can help others 😊

«In 2018, I went to Turkey, where I had a BBL operation. I only had one call with the surgeon and that was right before the surgery. He asked me if I wanted a big back, I replied that I wanted the back part naturally and not very big. I learned after the surgery that a kilogram of fat had been transferred from my body in each buttock, for a total of two kilograms. The result, of course, was very uneven, unsymmetrical, and there were deep indentations in several places. The abdomen was also destroyed in this process, due to the fact that the surgeon took out too much fat.

I have bumps and loose skin on my stomach as a result of how much fat they took out. I was devastated after this. I had more complexes after surgery than before the surgery. I was so ashamed. I no longer dared to put on swimwear, training tights or other garments that could show the bumps. I regretted a lot the operation that was performed in Turkey. I am aware that going to Turkey for an operation is a huge risk, I made a stupid choice and do not recommend anyone to travel to Turkey to have surgery.

From 2018 to 2021, I really wanted to operate on the back end to a more natural result, as it was clear that something looked wrong. I decided to wait until I’m done having children. I did lots of searches for surgeons in Norway and I went for consultations in the Oslo area. I eventually decided to have surgery with Dr. Amin Kalaaji. The impression I had was that no one else was as qualified as he was to be able to correct. I experienced Dr. Amin Kalaaji as professional, accommodating, and responsive to what I was thinking and what result I expected. I wanted both my buttocks and hips smaller because they didn’t look natural. I wanted more symmetry and smoother results. I also wanted deep deposits to disappear somehow. Dr. Amin Kalaaji was direct and honest about what result I could expect. He also pointed out things that I didn’t think about that could worsen the result. For example, he wanted to be careful not to take out too much fat, because then I could get loose skin after the operation. He was focused on details and the operation he performed was detail work. The result has been awesome. Enough fat has been taken out, but I have not got loose skin. There is more symmetry. Deposits have also been filled with fat to get a smoother result. I look natural and I’ve dared to wear swimwear after so many years. I’m super grateful. I highly recommend Dr. Amin Kalaaji.

I would also like to add that I was well taken care of by his team. I found them all empathetic where they took care of me both before and after surgery. You become vulnerable in such a setting, it’s really nice to experience that you are then taken care of.»

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