Acquires a more beautiful abdomen

They do not enjoy intercourse and think the abdomen is bad. Several women happily pay large sums to achieve vaginal perfection.

Two women are already ready to fall under the knife when the labiaplasty offer opens in Agder in the New Year.

«Many women suffer from stillbirths after childbirth or because the genitals are too large,» says Christian Hoyer-Sørensen, specialist in obstetrics and women’s diseases.

Hoyer-Sørensen now starts with gynecological operations at Teres Sørlandsparken. The price tag is 20,000 kroner.

Reduced sex life

The two women who are ready to be operated on in the New Year are 25 and 35 years old.

– One woman thinks her genitals are too big and avoids tight pants and bikinis in the summer. The other woman has recently been through a birth and feels that her sex life has changed, says Hoyer-Sørensen.

Both women said no to being interviewed by NRK. Hoyer-Sorensen explains that the ailments they have are typical in patients he receives. Most women talk about the problems associated with childbirth.

– During childbirth, tears may appear at the bottom or a clip may have been placed to get the baby out. This can bother the woman after giving birth, says Hoyer-Sørensen.

The complaints can be a more open vagina opening, less friction and pleasure in connection with sexual activity or that there is involuntary air coming from the vagina.

– Voluntary air from the vagina can occur in different situations, such as during intercourse, bathing or socializing. This can be very annoying, he says.

Women see more of each other

The intimacy shave with less or no pubic hair on the body is also highlighted as a reason why more women will change their looks downstairs.

When showering and changing workouts, many women find that their bodies are different from others. Many people do not like what they see.

– There is a big difference in the size of the female lips from woman to woman. Without pubic hair, we see more of what we look like, and many people say that they suddenly become more concerned with the abdomen when they see more, explains Barbara Hansteen Dahl, specialist in plastic surgery and consultant at the Volvat Medical Center in Oslo.

Hansteen Dahl is the first Norwegian female superior in plastic surgery. She believes women should avoid prejudice and receive praise for their choice.

– Is this about women being more vain?

– It may be a bit about it, but also about the fact that women do not agree to just living with ailments or reduced sexual life. They have the funds and are taking advantage of the offers now, she says.

Plastic surgeon Hilde Bugge at Aleris Helse AS has not experienced that sex lip surgery is an increasing trend.

– There are very few women who visit Aleris with this problem and there is no increase in the number of women who want to operate their genitalia. This is aOperation Aleris performs a few of the annual, and then on the basis of a medical problem, she says.

Shame and shame

– We have patients of different ages, most have boyfriends and children, but are so shy of how they look down below that they dare not show up for their partner, says Dr Amin Kalaaji, chief plastic surgeon at Oslo.

We have women who come here who are over 50 and who have dreamed of fixing their abdomen for many years before an offer was available.


The clinic deals with women who, among other things, want to operate their outer and inner genital lips, as well as the clitoris and vagina opening.

The clinic is experiencing a significant increase in the number of operations.

– Since 2011 we have gone from one operation a month to one operation every week now this year, confirms the clinic’s chief physician, Kalaaji.

– Why is this popular?

– We have women who come here who are over 50 and who have dreamed of fixing their abdomen for many years, before an offer was available. For them, it is about improving the quality of life, emphasizes the superior.

– Is the need to change nature just another thing someone does to be perfect?

– The women we operate have intimate, physical, cosmetic and / or mental discomfort. We are very cautious about operating someone who wants a design experience as they have seen in pictures. These women may need to focus more on their inner self than to lie under the knife, says Kalaaji at Oslo Plastic Surgery.

New offer on Agder

According to specialist Hoyer-Sørensen at Teres in Kristiansand, several women do not dare to tell their GP about the problems they have down below. It gets too intimate.

– Do you understand that some people think we can be who we are, even down below?

– Fifty years ago, women’s abdomen was a non-issue, and it is still very taboo. Now women have more knowledge of their own bodies and means to change what they want. I think that is positive, he says.

In Kristiansand, Teres Sørlandsparken has seen that the market for gynecological surgeries is growing. On January 8, specialist Hoyer-Sørensen is ready in the operating room.

– I expect most women who want to make corrections after giving birth, he says.

– Does this mean that hospitals are doing a poor job of tearing and cutting during childbirth?

– No, there are not many cases in question. Most people are satisfied, he emphasizes.

There are about 3500 births a year at Sørlandet hospital (Flekkefjord, Kristiansand and Arendal).

Hoyer-Sørensen was previously employed as a gynecologist with Sørlandet hospital and has trained many of the staff on how to cut and sew the women in connection with a birth.

– If things go wrong during childbirth, it is good to have the opportunity to improve on the result, he concludes.

Perfect exterior but inner chaos?

– Is this the pursuit of perfection a sign of inner chaos?

– No, I do not think so. However, if you make corrections of your appearance to a life content, it should be a red alert triangle for both the one in question and any treat.

This concludes Barbara Hansteen Dahl, a specialist in plastic surgery and a consultant at the Volvat Medical Center in Oslo.

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