Many of the world’s foremost plastic surgeons met to share experiences with the latest methods in the field.

1. Liposuction and fat transplant. Body Sculpture Ring.

Our plastic surgeon Dr. Kalaaji held a full 6 lectures and a video session on the following topics:

He took for granted the innumerable opportunities that exist within this type of intervention and enclosed many examples of this.

2. Breast enlargement with own fatty tissue

Dr. Kalaaji himself has performed over 160 such surgeries and has developed his own method of treating the fat that is transplanted for the best possible result and duration. He has also researched the quality of life before and after such operations and has published his research in the acclaimed Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

3. Asian eyes

He reviewed his research based on 61 patients who have undergone this procedure, their quality of life before and after and told about the surgical techniques he uses in this type of surgery.

4. Chip enlargement with own fat

He talked about the methods he uses, the benefits of using graft versus implants and showed the before and after pictures of this patient group.

5. Bum enlargement with own fat patient safety

Dr. Kalaaji has long warned against injecting fat into the muscle or under the muscle as this has led to death. He has given lectures and training on the precautions that must be taken before a BBL operation and which methods provide a safe and secure result for the patient. He has emphasized the importance of a thorough patient examination before deciding whether the patient is a good candidate for such a procedure. He lectured on how the fat should be extracted and treated before inserting it properly under the skin and the importance of and not putting in too much fat as this can have consequences for the patient.

6. Mommy makeover and other aesthetic procedures

Combination operations have increased in demand. An example of this is mommy makeover. The body has changed after pregnancy and they want to correct this. Mommy makover is a combination procedure that is done in a seance, such as breast plastic, abdominal plastic and liposuction. Not everyone will be good candidates for such interventions. The patient must first be carefully considered before any surgery can be performed.

intimate surgery

7. In addition, he held a video session on intimate surgery in which he told and showed the procedure for the various interventions in intimate surgery in women.

VG Interview

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