MedHum is a humanitarian fundraising campaign organized by the Norwegian Medical Students’ Association (NMF), which is part of the Norwegian Medical Association. (Dnlf)

MedHum 2010 is fighting for nursing education in Malawi, a country in acute health crisis. Too little capacity on the educational front, as well as brain drain abroad has meant that Malawi currently has only about 7,000 nurses distributed among a population of over 15 million. In comparison, there are 98,000 nurses in Norway who take care of our 4.7 million inhabitants.

The aim of the campaign this year is thus to raise money to ensure the infrastructure and quality of nursing schools in Malawi. At the same time, we want to focus on the fact that many countries such as Malawi have major problems in building up a decent health service for their citizens. An important reason for this is that qualified health professionals are recruited to rich countries. Attention should be directed to the positive by giving people the opportunity to take education and create their own future. In addition, we will raise awareness of the mechanisms that hinder progress in Malawi, with the main focus on brain drain.

Oslo Plastic Surgery is very proud to contribute to this end and wishes Medhum good luck in the future.

For more info see www.medhum.no

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