The clinic’s chief physician was interviewed by klikk.no regarding surgery after birth and breastfeeding. There he is asked, among other things, when to insert silicone into the breasts after giving birth.

Wait at least for six months

“There are two particular aspects that determine when you can operate silicone in the breasts after giving birth. First, it is important that you regain the same weight as before pregnancy, so that the breast implants are adapted to your permanent body, as well as having to finish breastfeeding. ”It informs chief plastic surgery specialist Amin Kalaaji, at Oslo Plastic Surgery.

He recommends waiting at least six months to operate silicone dolls after breastfeeding has ended. The absolute minimum requirement is three months. “Before three months have passed, the milk ducts and the mammary glands are still filled, which gives a false filling in the breasts. If we operate too soon, you can end up with the wrong proportions, ”he says.

Silicone while baby is small

If you want silicone in the breasts while the baby is small, it is also important to provide good help the first time. You should be careful of lifting for the first 10-14 days after surgery, and it is also important to avoid pressure and pressure against the breasts. If you are alone with a small baby most of the day, this is of course difficult. “How long you have to take it easy depends on where the silicone inserts are laid. In most cases, they are placed under the muscles, but it is also possible to place them under the mammary gland, ”says Kalaaji.

He recommends that you n Wait for at least 6 months after the end of breastfeeding so that the milk ducts and mammary glands are completely emptied and that they have returned to normal weight. If breast implants are inserted prematurely after the end of breastfeeding, you may be at risk of having incorrect breast supplements. He also mentions three topical breast surgeries that can be done after childbirth / breastfeeding: only inserting breast implants, breast lift and breast lift with implants.

Several current operations

There are a total of three surgeries that may be relevant if you want to do something with your breasts, and how the time after surgery will depend to a certain extent on what you and your doctor agree. “If the breasts are not hanging, we usually choose only silicone. This does not leave such large scars. However, if you also want to do something about hanging, it may also be relevant with breast lift alone or in combination with silicone, ”he says. Breast lift leaves a larger scar under the breast and around the nipples, and should therefore only be considered if lifting is needed.

Be careful

Since the scar and surgery are larger at breast lift, the period you need to be careful after surgery is also longer. And remember that it is smart to take the advice you get from the surgeon seriously. If you are careless it can affect the end result. «A lot of effort can result in small bleeding and capsule formation, and there may also be differences between the right and left breast due to swelling or because one of the implants is misplaced,» Kalaaji says.

Want to get pregnant again?

If you are planning to have more children and want to breastfeed again, you can still put silicone in your breasts just fine. However, he thinks it may be okay to think through how long you will wait before you become pregnant again. «If you are planning to have a new baby within one or two years, I do not think it is so beneficial to get an implant now,» he says.

Risk of capsule formation

Kalaaji emphasizes that the risk of capsule formation is far less with today’s dentures than those used in the 80-90s, only around five percent. “When we put the prosthesis under the muscle, the risk is even less, because there is a physical wall between the prosthesis and the glands. Of course, you may be unlucky with any surgery, but capsule formation can be treated, ”the plastic surgeon says.

However, inserting a prosthesis by entering the nipple is not beneficial if you have not yet had a child. “Sensitivity and continuity can be affected when you cut the gland itself, and it also affects how easy it is to breastfeed. We recommend having the incision under the breast because one is then far away from the gland itself. With today’s dentures, our experience is that breastfeeding is not affected by a woman getting silicone in her breast, ”he concludes.

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