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The clinics' surgeon was interviewed by norwegian radio show "P3 sjekker ut."

In the norwegian radio show "P3 sjekker ut", the program host Leo Ajkic interviews norwegian youths about what occupies their minds. The first episode is about butts, and Oslo Plastikkirurgis clinical surgeon Dr. Amin Kalaaji is interviewed about his experience with butt enlargement with own fat.

Dr. Kalaaji informs in the video that he operates 2-3 butts every month and that there are several consultations considering butt enlargement every consultation day. The clinical surgeon also says that he is clear with not giving surgery to anybody. "I don't offer surgery for those who have unrealistic expectations, those who wish to have what we call 'balloon butt'." Kalaaji says that he rejects ca 20% of those he consults. Some of these women then chooses to make the surgery outside of Norway. But the surgeant dissuades fat translantation by unserious businesses, who he means unfortunately exist abroad. Poor done surgeries can in worst case scenario lead to life threatening complications.

"If the fat injection gets to deep, or into the muscle, you could get a blood clot", the surgeant explains. He recommends everyone to make sure the the norwegian surgeant is a member of Norsk Forening for Estetisk Plastikkirurgi (Norwegian Union for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, NFEP) before they perform butt enlargement with own fat.

Here you can find the whole article at P3:s web page.

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