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Oslo Plastikkirurgis Chief Consultant Dr Kalaaji participated as guest lecturer at the 1st Annual Congress of the Moroccan Society of Esthetic Plastic Surgeons

He lectured on the following topics:

1. How to ensure patient safety during combined intervention (multiple interventions in the same séance, its challenges and limitations. In addition, he went through the best way to relieve postoperative pain, how to get the patient to quickly mobilize and recover after surgery.

2. Breast augmentation with implants / breast lift with implant insertion

He presents the results of his own research based on an anonymous survey of women who have undergone breast augmentation with implants versus breast lift with implants. He has been following these women for a long time and, through the detailed survey, learned about their quality of life before and after the procedure.

3. He continued his lecture on breast augmentation with own fat where he compared the various procedures with the pros and cons. He has performed over 150 operations for breast transplantation.

Many patients just want a little more fullness and do not want inserted breast implants. Fat transplant to breast feels more natural to many and is a good replacement for breast implants, even if you do not want a large volume increase.

4. Combine insertion of breast implants and transplant with own fat. (Hybrid Manager).

Some choose to undergo a so-called (Hybrid) treatment for breast where fat and implants are added simultaneously or grease after the implants are inserted to increase volume, improve asymmetry or increase volume in certain areas of the chest at the bottom or at chasm. It can also be used to camouflage so-called ripling which can occur in very slim women who have a low fat layer below the skin. An alternative may be to transplant fat as well.

5. Spread magnification with own fat

Dr. Kalaaji underwent the history of self-fat splenic enlargement (BBL) and addressed the internationally reported complications that have occurred after such interventions. Specially the serious complications that may occur if the procedure is not done properly. He told about Oslo Plastikkirurgi's long experience with BBL.

He has long gone nationally and internationally and warned against injecting the fat into muscle or under muscle. He has held lectures and training in what precautions must be taken before a BBL operation and what methods provide a safe outcome for the patient.

He has emphasized the importance of a thorough examination of the patient before deciding whether the patient is a good candidate for such a procedure. He lectured of how the fat should be removed and treated before it`s placed in a proper way under the skin and the importance of not injecting too much fat as this can have consequences for the patient.


Disclaimer: The result after a plastic surgery is individual and varies from patient to patient. The pictures on this page are examples only - and are not a guarantee of results after surgery.
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