London, UK: Face and Body Surgery congress, 18 & 19 June 2021

Oslo Plastikkirurgi often gets invitations to participate in congresses around the world.  With modern technology it’s possible to attend multiple congresses at the same day. Dr. A. Kalaaji gave three lectures same weekend, SPB Aesthetic Congress 2021 in St. Petersburg, Face and Body Surgery congress in London and Sixth World Congress of plastic surgeons of Lebanese Descent (WCPSLD) in Washington.

A two-days virtual conference in London gathered well known plastic surgeons, who shared their experiences. 

Oslo Plastikkirurgi’s Dr. Kalaaji gave a lecture about new trends in breast enlargement.  Lately it has been an increasing trend to use fat transfer instead of implants, or the “hybrid” method, where both implants and fat transfer are used in the same procedures.

ISPRES Member Forum

Tilbakeblikk fra høstens ISPRES Member Forum møte hvor vår overlege dr. Amin Kalaaji holdt foredrag som eneste faculty på emnet nye trender innen brystkirurgi. ISPRES

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Mexico Calling!! 

Very honored to be faculty invited as GEM (GLOBAL EMINENCE IN PLASTIC SURGERY) to TÓPICOS SELECTOS EN CIRUGÍA PLÁSTICA meeting in the wonderful Guadalajara.September 29-30

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Greetings from Istanbul

Greetings from Istanbul where I was invited as faculty member for ISAPS, also I signed my recent published book of plastic and aesthetic regenerative surgery

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