Liposuction / liposculpture

In the late 1970s, two researchers: Illouz and Fournier from France began to further develop the liposuction technique using both vacuum and cannula in the process. This led to a breakthrough for modern plastic surgery and became the precursor to today’s modern liposuction techniques. During the 1980s, a lot of research was done on liposuction which resulted in mixed results.

The reason why over the years liposuction has become one of the most popular plastic surgery is possibly a combination of the good results of the procedure along with the fact that one cannot spot slim down fat accumulations on the body. In some cases, liposuction is the only solution to remove double chin or breeches.

Liposuction in 2010

Techniques have improved and many ideas have emerged that have brought liposuction closer to being safe, simple, painless and effective. Today we have accumulated 30 years of experience and developed the modern liposuction that allows us to liposuction various parts of the body. Today, liposuction is a common way to get rid of excess fat in various areas of the body, both for men and women.

The surgical challenge and our focus is to remove the right amount of fat, to minimize disruption of nearby tissues, and to reduce patient discomfort.

We ensure this through a good collaboration between the surgeon and the patient.

The treatment areas for liposuction, for example, may be the stomach, thighs and buttocks, neck, back and arms. Modern technology also allows us to harvest fat in some parts of the body to inject it into other areas. Oslo Plastic Surgery has been practicing liposuction combined with breast augmentation with its own adipose tissue since 2008. Thus, one can combine liposuction with breast augmentation for a more natural result and to create more balance in the fat distribution on the body. Other options may be to combine liposuction also with fat injection of face and mouth.

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