KK.NO: NORWEGIAN WOMEN ARE among the world’s most satisfied with the breasts

KK.NO: NORWEGIAN WOMEN ARE WITHOUT THE WORLD’S MOST SATISFIED WITH THE BREWS Norwegian women are at the top of the world when it comes to being satisfied with their breasts, KK writes.

According to a survey conducted at a university in England, 44% of Norwegian women who were asked to be satisfied with the size of their breasts.

Oslo Plastic Surgery was interviewed by KK and could tell that breast surgery tops the list of cosmetic surgery performed on women.

This includes all types of breast surgery, such as breast lift, breast augmentation with implants, breast reductions and nipple correction, he says.

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Greetings from Istanbul

Greetings from Istanbul where I was invited as faculty member for ISAPS, also I signed my recent published book of plastic and aesthetic regenerative surgery

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