ISPRES Member Forum to be held on
Aug. 30, 2022

New trends in breast augmentation: Simultaneous implant conversion with fat and hybrid (Composite) implant-fat breast augmentation/revision.

This session features Amin Kalaaji, MD, PhD, Norway to present.

Our medical director and board-certified plastic surgeon consultant Dr. Kalaaji was invited as the keynote speaker for an hour where he talked about new trends in breast augmentation: Replacing implants with fat insertions, and hybrid method with implants and fat that is becoming more and more popular.

Assessment and evaluation of fat transplant patients and candidacy for surgery were presented and new trends and the operational techniques to be applied to both simultaneous and delayed hybrid augmentation, and simultaneous and later implant conversion with grease and instrumentation during fat transplant to the breast.

The ISPRES Member Forum is exclusively for the members of ISPRES and provides
a unique interactive opportunity with experts in the field of regenerative plastic surgery. Each member forum will Contain a presentation that will be followed by a live Q&A segment.

The ISPRES Member Forum will also provide members with the platform to immerse themselves in the latest research, techniques and hot topics related to adipose tissue, regenerative medicine, and stem cell research.

We at Oslo Plastic Surgery are very proud that we can share our experience worldwide, and that we are at the forefront of this thanks to our patients.
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