05 May, 2017 The clinic’s chief physician Dr. Amin Kalaaji attended as a Faculty member and guest lecturer meeting chair. in ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) in Cairo, Egypt.

04 – 06 May 2017 where he participated as both a Faculty member, guest speaker and meeting leader. The meeting went over three days of interactive discussions on aesthetic surgery that included topics such as breast, face, nose plastic, body contouring, patient safety, plastic surgery procedures, intimate surgery and buttocks enlargement.

Dr. Kalaaji gave 6 lectures on various topics: how to start and run his own plastic surgery clinic, breast augmentation using his own fat, where he compared experiences after 122 made breast enlargements with his own fat as a replacement for breast implants or to improve status after implant insertion, the new techniques for correcting inverted nipples, risk and experience of prolonged combined surgical procedures, quality of life in women after performing intimate surgery and insertion of fat into the gluteal area.

The following lectures were given by Dr. Kalaaji:

1. How to Establish and Run a Private Aesthetic Surgery Practice, A Plastic Surgeon’s Own 16 Years’ Experience and Perspectives

2. Aesthetic Primary Breast Augmentation with Fat Grafting in 122 Cases

3. Surgical Correction of Inverted Nipples: New Techniques

4. Morbidity and Mortality in Combined Long Lasting Aesthetic Procedures

5. Quality of Life in Intimate Surgery Patients

6. Gluteal Augmentation by Fat. Is there a role for Prosthesis?