Oslo plastic surgery can now introduce fat transplantation using the nanograft method.

Nanograft is a new and natural way to treat the surface of the skin. During fat transplant, a fat from a part of the body takes and treats it in a special and gentle way. Then the fat is injected into another area. This is done, among other things, to recreate volume and shape in an area, but also to smooth out small wrinkles on the face and body. Fat transplantation also has other properties, such as the ability to provide renewal of the overlying skin. Overlying skin may have a better ability to repair itself and the technique can thus be used to treat discolored skin, sun damaged skin, or other types of skin changes.

The needles used in the nanograft method are very thin and will not leave any scars. The technique is therefore very suitable for use around the eyes and mouth.

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