In a debated article in the Aftenposten, Oslo Plastic Surgery expressed its opinion on intimate surgery, which has had a lot of focus lately. Here is our view on the topic, written by Dr. Amin Kalaaji, a senior physician.

“Intimate surgery addresses hygiene, physical, mental and / or intimate issues. Also, there are some kinds of needs that arise after birth. In our opinion, intimate surgery should not be performed to redesign the genital area.

Comparing intimate surgery performed in Norway with genital mutilation, I think is very critical. It shows a lack of understanding of both intimate surgery and genital mutilation. A coercive act, an abuse of young children and women, is juxtaposed with voluntary medical treatment. Intimate surgery is a treatment offered to women to improve cohabitation and quality of life. In genital mutilation, the opposite happens, the quality of life, self-confidence and cohabitation can to varying degrees be destroyed.

A ban will be a poor solution that may work against its purpose. This will provide leeway for frivolous players abroad, with no guarantee of quality, ethics or follow-up.

The attitude we have towards our patients is that nothing is abnormal. There are large variations within the normal. Treatment is only considered when it causes discomfort for one or more of the above reasons.

We provide thorough information about both complications and what to expect as a result, which we are also obliged to disclose. If the operations are done on the right basis and by a qualified plastic surgeon, the risk of complications is small. The women who undergo intimate surgery are usually good adult women, they are well educated, have partners and children. They have lived with these plagues for many years. As a physician, I have the responsibility and duty to arrange for these surgical procedures when it is justifiable to do so. «