Interview by KK about sunken nipples

Dr. Kalaaji, chief physician at Oslo Plastic Surgery, comments on sunken nipples and says that there are several techniques that can be used to correct this.

“Five to ten percent of women have sunken nipples, and some have it lighter than others. Those who have them more easily can get the nipples out with the help of stimuli, and then there is no problem. The second type is worse, as the nipples never come out and create complications when breastfeeding because the child does not get the nipple. It can also be a hygienic challenge, as dirt can accumulate in the pit. ”Furthermore, Kalaaji explains that there are several surgical techniques to correct sunken nipples.

“The most common operation is performed with a simple sedative and local anesthetic. Then we loosen the contraction by cutting the connective tissue strips that pull the nipple in. We choose a special technique for those who want to be able to breastfeed in the future – then we do not cut the milk passage. «