IMCAS World Congress in Paris 30.01.20 – 01.02.20

Our chief consultant was invited to the IMCAS World Congress in Paris 30.01.20 – 01.02.20 where he participated as a faculty and lecturer. He was a moderator during a live intimate surgical operation, he lectured on the clinic’s experiences with buttock enlargement with fat, fat transplantation to faces, body shaping, and the latest innovation in combined breast augmentation with both implant and fat. Watch his program below the picture:

Amin KALAAJI’s schedule


Live Aesthetic Surgery – Nymphoplasty / Penile augmentation 

Body contouring 

Body contouring, fat grafting and liposuction: patients’ selection, assessment and consent 

Videorama of the latest innovations in regenerative surgery 

Simultaneous composite (hybrid) breast augmentation with fat and implants 

Buttocks lipofilling 

Gluteal augmentation with fat (BBL): safety case study and literature review of the highest death rate in aesthetic surgery 

VG Interview

https://www.vg.no/nyheter/meninger/i/JQnQvJ/estetisk-kirurgi-er-helsehjelp Aesthetic surgery is health care In the media, we have seen several articles about aesthetic surgerythis autumn, including from Minister of Health Kjerkol. Some

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