Oslo Plastikkirurgi’s chief physician, Dr. Kalaaji lectured at «SFEP’s Sixth Scandinavian Aesthetic Surgery Meeting» in Karlstad, Sweden, 22-24 August 2014. Arranged SFEP (‘Swedish Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, SFEP, Swedish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’)

Dr Kalaaji lectured on breast augmentation with own fat

Over 150 women have received this type of treatment at Oslo Plastic Surgery for various reasons. Since the fall of 2008, Oslo Plastic Surgery has performed breast augmentation with its own adipose tissue. We created this offering as a great alternative to breast augmentation. With this, Oslo Plastic Surgery has a long follow-up period of patients who have undergone showing that they are well satisfied and that the volume in the breasts has remained stable. (Published «Body Language journal» and in Surgeon-4-2015-kalaaji-5900).

Fat transplantation from one’s own body is a well-established clinical method that has existed for many years. Although small fat fillings for minor defects in the breast have been performed in the past, until recently one has started using one’s own fat to recreate a whole new breast after cancer or for cosmetic reasons.

VG Interview

https://www.vg.no/nyheter/meninger/i/JQnQvJ/estetisk-kirurgi-er-helsehjelp Aesthetic surgery is health care In the media, we have seen several articles about aesthetic surgerythis autumn, including from Minister of Health Kjerkol. Some

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