The clinic’s physician has visited Tours in France where he lectured on breast augmentation with his own fat.

Background and purposeTraditionally, fat grafting has different processing methods. We retrospectively compared aesthetic breast augmentation by machine and manual centrifugation of fat.

PatientsSince 2008, the Oslo Plastic Surgery Clinic performed 68 breast enlargements (56 patients) using fat grafting to treat hypoplasia mammae, asymmetry, or ptotic breasts. Criteria for treatment include an alternative to implants; excessive fat; a realistic expectation of volume; no history of breast cancer; and radiographic evaluation.

MethodsFat was machine centrifuged in 1 group of 24 patients (27 enlargements) and manually centrifuged in another group of 32 patients (41 enlargements). Fat was harvested from the abdomen, thigh, buttocks, or knee and grafted into intersecting and parallel canals through small incisions using Coleman cannulas.