Fat injection allows you to naturally enlarge your lips, straighten wrinkles and deep furrows and possibly correct any irregularities on the face, neck, chest or other parts of the body.

Fat injection allows you to move fat from one area of ​​the body to another area of ​​the body. The grease is treated gently and placed in a centrifuge which is a special machine for separating grease from oil and at the same time washing it, so that only the pure grease which is well integrated in the receiving area is used. It is recommended that fat is extracted from an area you wish to correct at the same time, such as. abdominal / thigh liposuction.

Fat injection gives a longer-lasting result than artificial preparations, which have a more limited and short-term result.

During the consultation, we thoroughly review your wishes about which areas the fat should be removed from and which areas the fat should be moved to.

The wounds are minimal about 1-2 mm and only close with tape.

For more information, see the information on lipostructure.

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