Chief physician and plastic surgeon Amin Kalaaji at Oslo Plastikkirurgi in Dagbladet about risk at BBL

In an interview by Dagbladet for an article about BBL, Dr. Kalaaji says that we in Norway have experienced an increase in the number of butt surgery with fat in this country in recent years.

– The increase started around 2013-2014. It has continued since then, and there is no sign that it is flattening out. There are probably thousands who have performed a butt operation in Norway since then, he estimates. There have been deaths due to butt lifts, but not in Norway. Most deaths have occurred abroad, where much larger amounts of fat are inserted and in the wrong places, often inside or under the muscles, and then large pulmonary embolisms occur. Patients die instantly. This has been warned against, and we have also agreed to it at Oslo Plastikkirurgi.

At Oslo Plastikkirurgi, we do not recommend filling more than 400 milliliters in each part of the buttocks. The average is 300, but how big the butt can be depends on, among other things, the patient’s body, bone structure and amount of fat. In some places abroad, unfortunately, the quantity is not taken into account and unreasonably large quantities are placed in the wrong places, and this entails a great risk of complications. We work actively to have as safe an experience as possible, and put the safety of our patients is the first priority.

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