Breast Surgery

Breast surgery is a collective term for various aesthetic treatments in the chest region in men and women.
You can choose a treatment from the menu on the right

You can choose a treatment from the menu on the right

Oslo Plastikkirurgi has more than 20 years’ experience with breast surgery, and we have over a thousand operated patients. We have authored professional articles with our experiences and have been published in internationally recognized journals such as Kirurgen and Anesthetic Surgery Journal, as well as lectured and taught courses in many Norwegian and international forums and congresses in the field of plastic surgery worldwide.

We see that breast surgery increases the self-confidence and quality of life of our patients.

The result is based on an anonymous lifestyle survey among our breast surgery patients to reveal which aspects they are satisfied with, and looked at the patient’s motivation for breast surgery.

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Dr. Amin Kalaaji

The responsible physician is Dr. Amin Kalaaji, senior physician MD, specialist in plastic surgery and head of clinic at Oslo Plastic Surgery, and head of the Norwegian Association for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (NFEP) 2018-2020.

Dr. Kalaaji holds many positions and gives lectures and training around the world. This benefits all our patients as he is always up to date on the latest and most advanced treatments and surgical techniques.

Patient safety, high quality and individual treatment always weigh the most at Oslo Plastic Surgery.