Excerpt from Stavanger Aftenblad, p.44-46.

Dr. Kalaaji, chief physician at Oslo Plastic Surgery was interviewed by Stavanger Aftenblad about the explosive increase of butt enlargement with his own fat.

“Bum enlargement with own fat is a natural treatment. I think it’s a healthy development that more people are thinking about recycling their own fat – recycling it, rather than just throwing it away. I think that’s good – it’s environmentally friendly and a win-win situation for the patients. ”

Kalaaji has consultations with women who are considering a bigger butt almost every day, but says he is careful about who he actually operates.

“We don’t operate anyone just to operate – that should be a good reason why they want to do this. Those who have bad body fat distribution are very good candidates. For example, if you have excess fat around your stomach and thighs, it may be disproportionate to your buttocks. Then you can take grease from these areas and put it in the butt for better harmony and better symmetry. «

He says no to those who demand a so-called «balloon rump», where stars like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj are often the source of inspiration.

“The media is helping put such grills in the minds of young girls and women – and men, for that matter. I think this is an unfortunate development, as it creates unrealistic expectations. About 10 to 20 percent of our patients request a balloon trunk. Then I say no. 80-90 percent of those who come here are sensible and have realistic expectations. «

The most common reasons people state why they want buttocks enlargement are according to Kalaaji that they either have a flat buttocks, asymmetrical buttocks, or that they have a buttocks much smaller than their thighs.

“A bigger butt can provide increased quality of life for some. But it is clear that aesthetics also play a role in the choice, not just practical reasons. If one seeks to re-design oneself to resemble anyone else, I think it is an unhealthy development – no matter what intervention it is about. It is important to look after their own needs and to act on them. The knife should be the last resort. Most of our patients have a genuine reason to do something about the body. «

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