«It is important to have your own opinion of what you want before deciding to do something with the breasts,» says Dr. A. Kalaaji at Oslo Plastic Surgery to page2.no.

– I have refused girls requesting big breast implants. Simply for medical reasons, says Dr Med. A. Kalaaji.

He feels that there are more young girls who want bigger breast now than before.

– Unfortunately, I find that there are many young girls who want big breast, he says. The age limit for cosmetic surgery at Oslo Plastic Surgery is 20 years, and everyone must have at least a thorough consultation to talk about why they want to change their breasts.

Read the full article on TV2 Nettavisen.

Greetings from Istanbul

Greetings from Istanbul where I was invited as faculty member for ISAPS, also I signed my recent published book of plastic and aesthetic regenerative surgery

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