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About Oslo Plastic Surgery Clinic

Our mission at Oslo Plastic Surgery Clinic is to provide you, the patient, with dedicated, caring, and compassionate surgery.

Oslo Plastic Surgery is a well established, beautifully renovated clinic from 2002 in Frogner, Oslo. The clinic has been practicing since 2001. During that time our highly qualified team has combined competence, training, care, state of the art technology and the ability to listen carefully to patient’s aspirations in order to provide the highest level of surgery and achieve the most natural results possible.

Aesthetic plastic surgery involves techniques intended for the "enhancement" of appearance through surgical and medical techniques. It is specifically concerned with maintaining a normal appearance and used to restore or enhance an overall appearance.

This does not mean drastic surgery or techniques need to be applied to achieve a natural result. Beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder and imperfections can often add to beauty. Every persons face and body is asymmetrical. The aim of cosmetic surgery is to bring a natural harmony and balance to the procedure, whatever it may be.

You are in the best hands as a patient with Oslo Plastic Surgery Clinic. Your safety is our priority and our first concern. 
Whilst technology is used within the practice to enhance the patient’s consultation, the keywords for our clinic are quality and competency and our aim is to achieve a natural and optimal result.

Plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery has been used for more than thousand years, however in recent years has become much more popular, acceptable and affordable.

Plastic surgery is not a “quick fix” and should not be viewed as a way of removing individual psychological problems nor been seen as an easy way of losing weight, by harnessing procedures such as breast reduction and liposuction. However utilised in the correct way, surgery can be a positive experience and changing your face or body can give amazing results to help you both in your social life and with your physical and health needs.

Ageing is a natural way of living. It is really important that you know all the factors that accelerate ageing before you go through with cosmetic surgery when these can affect the result. Smoking, stress, sunbathing, being overweight, drinking too much alcohol, bad eating habits can all accelerate the ageing process. But it is also important to note that they can increase the risk of complications during surgery and can reduce the possibility of successful results.
Our goal is to offer individual treatments and procedures by providing the highest level of expertise and quality in ethical cosmetic surgery. We follow all international developments in the marketplace.
Qualified Surgeon
Dr. A. Kalaaji, MD, PhD, senior consultant, specialist in plastic surgery completed his surgical training in Paris and Sweden and attained his degree in plastic and reconstructive surgery in Sweden. Dr Kalaaji was a consultant in the plastic surgery department at the Telemark Central hospital as well as the senior consultant in the plastic surgery department at Ullevål University Hospital. As well as publishing scientific papers, he presents at conferences and medical facilities within Europe, the USA and worldwide.
Dr. Kalaaji is an active member of:

  • Norwegian Medical Association
  • Norwegian Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Norwegian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
  • Swedish Medical Association
  • Swedish Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Nordic Society of Plastic Surgeons.
  • The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS)

Our Clinic also houses a professionally qualified anesthesia doctors and fully qualified surgery-nurse.
Oslo Plastic Surgery Clinic is supporting humanitarian organization Jan- 08
Soccoro Nicaragua is a humanitarian organization that was established 5 Sep 2004. The main object with this project was to help establish better growing up conditions and a better quality of life for the children. At the same time to create a future through education and activities. We also fight against child labor, child abuse and sexual abuse, promote health and ameliorate the safe and sustainable housing. The organization is working with and co-operating with all the schools, families and local authorities.
You find this project in Mario Quan in Leon, a very poor district north of Managua the capital of Nicaragua. Many families live under very harsh conditions; many of the families have been evacuated to here after hurricane Mitch in 1998. Many of the children are orphans.

The organization is operated from Norway by some amazing and enthusiastic volunteer nurses. They made a huge impression on us here at the Oslo Plastic Surgery Clinic. We therefore decided to support this organization and we wish them success and much good fortune with rest of the work.

Look at organization’s web site: www.socorronicaragua.no

Disclaimer: The result after a plastic surgery is individual and varies from patient to patient. The pictures on this page are examples only - and are not a guarantee of results after surgery.
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