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    ISAPS Meeting 4th-6th of May 2017, Cairo The clinics' surgeon Dr. Amin Kalaaji participated as a faculty member and chair person in ISAPS (Internationa... Read more Butt enlargement with own fat. The clinics' surgeon answers in interview with Stavanger Aftenblad Dr. Kalaaji, clinical plastic surgeon at Oslo Plastikkirurgi, was interviewed by Stavanger Aftenblad about the... Read more


    • Abdominoplasty / tummy tuck Pregnancy or weight loss can cause the tummy to sag causing distress to patients who find they do not feel comfortable naked or dressed or can’t wear fashionable clothes.
    • Elevated (prominent) umbilicus Some people inherit an elevated umbilicus. In others, it develops after pregnancy or a surgical procedure. This can be annoying for the patient and can cause a challenge when it comes to clothing. An elevated umbilicus can be corrected by a relatively simple operation in which the umbilicus is put back against ...
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